Monday, August 16, 2010

New Resolve

I have been hovering right around 10 pounds from my goal for a while now. This has been mostly due to my satisfaction with being this weight. I feel good! I feel really good, most days! That feeling of jumping out of the bed in the morning, even when I didn’t sleep so well the night before, is my favorite part of being healthier... but I digress.

My goal weight became my goal because it is the weight that the FDA proclaims healthy for my height. I have been slouching around for a while and I now have set a plan into action to fix that. (For some reason I feel this post needs some evil laughter at the end. Maybe it is all the talk about my “plan.”)

I am cranking up and varying my workouts and pulling back slightly on calories (only slightly pulling back because I am afraid of stalling my weight loss; my caloric intake is pretty steady and controlled now).

Mwahhh, ha, ha, ha!


Patrick said...

DO not fixate on the FDA. But, if you feel you would be better off at 10 pounds less then by all means use the FDA for motivation if it helps. But, i am guessing some evil music will do more to motivate you than anything the FDA can produce. Kick up the volume and the exercise - perfect!

Big Clyde said...

I agree with Patrick. If you are comfortable now, then don't sweat the extra 10 pounds. Good job on watching your calories.