Sunday, March 28, 2010


Dang, it's been a while. I've made loads of progress since my last post. I am controlling calories, but not as afraid of food as I was when I was last blogging. It seems that at that time losing so much weight made me terrified of gaining it all back. I am no longer afraid, but I am wise about the habits I cultivate. I am working out more than ever and feeling great because of it. I am also still losing weight, but at a much slower pace than before which is to be expected. I am happy in my own skin more than ever before.

Life, however, has not been easy this past year. A little over a year ago my husband lost his job and was forced to move into the city. Me and the kids were left behind and have been preparing for the move since. This is a huge move for us! Not only will everything be new, but my kids will be leaving a small, conservative school and little town for a much bigger city with its benefits and pitfalls. I have spent this time finishing my Bachelors degree and taking better care of my body. I am now completely off all medications and my blood pressure and cholesterol numbers are excellent. I've done this so that I can watch my kids grow up. I will be there for the good and bad in their lives. That is the motivation that gets me through, that makes me work out when I don't want to. Any way, this year has not been a piece of cake, but I have found that even when everything feels out of control, my physical well being is something that I really can control, and that is empowering!

Soon things will change. (God, please let it be for the better.) My family will be reunited. In 21 hours, this part of my schooling will be finished and I will hopefully find a job and begin work toward an MA. And maybe things will settle down a bit so that I can exhale.

This is probably not my return to blogging. Acting as a single mom (God bless the parents who must to do this all the time), I barely have any time for blogging. By the time I get the kids home from school, do homework, make their dinner, make sure that they get some much-needed outside time, and get them to sleep at night, I am all worn out. This is after a day of working out, cleaning house, doing my own homework, and boxing/bagging things for the move. I will keep this blog open. I enjoyed reading it a bit this morning and thinking about where I was and where I am now. Perhaps in the future I will return full time. Perhaps.