Thursday, August 19, 2010

Duly inspired by Patrick, I planned a run at 5 AM this morning. However, the inspiration of the Sand Man overpowered Patrick’s good example and that run never happened. It is probably for the best because it has been a constant rain since I awoke this morning at 6. I have run in the wet, I have run in the cold, but I think wet and cold would have been overwhelming at 5 AM. (Should that be “ran” or “run”? Microsoft Word says it is “run.” Hmmm.) I still plan to take that run tonight.

I have not been doing so well with keeping my calories below my new limit. I tried to cut back only a few hundred calories, but that is easier said than done. I am still eating below maintenance, so I am not too worried. Peanut Butter seems to be the real culprit that is setting this goal amiss. I am uncertain what to do because getting enough protein in a diet stuffed full of fruits and veggies is already a challenge for me.

If you have completed the C25K, what are your plans? How do you plan to keep in shape during the winter? Do you plan to do the C25K again in the spring, or do you have a plan to keep up the running indoors?


Patrick said...

Peanut Butter is easy to go overboard with. I prefer Almond Butter and have the same problem. Need more protein huh, I amnot certain exactly the diet you are on, what sources of protein are part of your diet today?

Madame Cur said...

I just do not eat a lot of meat. I use protein bars for workouts and eat yogurt, nut butters, edamane and beans for most of my protein. Some days I only get about 30 grams and from what I am reading, that is only about half what I need.

Dietary changes take time and I am working on it. Limiting calories makes it more of a challenge. I am doing things like baking chicken on Monday and storing it for salads throughout the week.