Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Earlier in the day I changed into running clothes and began stoking myself up for a run that I wasn’t feeling up to; this seemed to help. After my 5 minute warm-up walk, I took off and as I looked down my path I figured it would be awesome to run around the neighboring baseball field.

This baseball diamond is surrounded by uneven ground and has totally wiped me out in the past. Running on uneven, grassy terrain partially uphill is hard. So in the very beginning I ran it. I ran around that diamond that seems troublesome for the high school boys who run around it. I ran the rest of my run (20 minutes) and finished with another trip around the diamond. I think I may make this grassy route part of my regular run. The hills could really make my legs stronger.

I was doing really well within the C25K program until the heat wave hit. I’ve ran 25 minutes twice, but for the last couple weeks my runs have been more like 20 to 22 minutes. I felt good about my 20 minutes tonight because of those trips around the baseball diamond. It feels wonderful to do something that seemed so challenging before. It was tough, especially the second time, but I did it!

After my most excellent run, I came home and made this Green Goddess dressing for my salads tomorrow.

Make tomorrow a great day!


Big Clyde said...

Good for you, showing those high school boys how it's done! Remarkable how you didn't feel up to it, then ran so well.

Patrick said...

Well done indeed. That dressing... putting avacados on my shoping list thanks to you :-)

Madame Cur said...

Oh, it is a great dressing!