Tuesday, September 7, 2010

I do not believe in things just falling into place. I believe in forcing the pieces to fit. I just cannot seem to figure out how to make all the “healthy lifestyle” pieces come together and stay that way. For days or weeks all the food pieces will work in my favor, but exercise will not be happening like it should. At other times, all the exercise pieces will fit, but the food pieces will be out of control. Why can’t I get it ALL together?

Recently I have been working out like a mad woman, but my appetite has been stoked. My weight doesn’t seem to be going up, but it isn’t coming down either. Adding this to the other pieces of life I am trying to juggle and it just seems so overwhelming.

I do have some good things to celebrate. My upper body is toning up nicely due to some weight training I’ve added. I am running longer and faster than ever. I may not be losing weight, but I am toning up.

Things I need to work on: controlling calories and eating clean! This morning I’ve already given in to a Poptart craving. I need to work toward making these pieces fit better.

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Big Clyde said...

I struggle with the same issues...I don't seem to have an auto-pilot. I am either flying the plane with all of my effort, or it veers downward toward a mountain.

You can fly your plane. I'm sure of it.