Friday, September 10, 2010

Egg Nog!

It may be a bit early, but I’ve already made egg nog. I followed the low fat, low cal recipe below.

Lite Egg Nog

5 Cups Light Vanilla Soy Milk or Skim Milk
1 Small Packet of Instant Fat Free, No Sugar Added Vanilla Pudding
6 t No-Calorie Sweetener
1 T Rum Extract
1/2 t Nutmeg

Blend all ingredients on high in blender. Allow to chill overnight. Can be served with shot of rum added, but don't forget to add calories.

Made with soy: about 68 calories per 1 cup serving
Made with dairy: about 120 calories per 1 cup serving

I tried this recipe using both skim milk and light soy and both worked very well. I’ve seen this recipe on several foodie sites, one attributed it to Hungry Girl.

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