Thursday, September 16, 2010

Paying off

Feeling good about myself has been a challenge for me my entire life. You know, just feeling good about who I am and how I look right now with no preconceived, externally influenced conditions. I realized this fully just yesterday, and I realized it because I looked in the mirror and realized how much I like myself right now.

I am not a petite woman by any stretch. I am six foot tall and of big Scandinavian/German stock. No matter how much I lose, I will never be petite. As I looked in the mirror yesterday I noticed this, but felt so perfectly fine with it; something that I never fully felt okay about in my life until now. My reflection appears healthy and strong now. My shoulders are broad and you can see muscle definition in my upper arms and legs. I am not chiseled and my physique is still very feminine. I just look healthy.

Yep, this whole healthy food and activity thang... yep, it pays off.

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Yum Yucky said...

Ahhh, such wonderful reflections. I'm glad you're enjoying the journey. :)