Saturday, January 30, 2010

I’ve lost 60 pounds, almost 70, since May of last year! I need more exclamation marks!!!! This has been great and far easier than I ever would have imagined, but I need motivation to keep me on track. This blog is part of that motivation.

I have fallen into the habit of reading many of the numerous blogs out there devoted to the weight loss journey. (Yes, I just called it a “journey.” How very Oprah-esque.) In the future I plan to share some of those cool blogs and to point to resources on the web that have helped me on my, a-hum, journey. I also plan on using this blog to keep myself accountable for my calorie intake. After all, weight loss for me is all about calories in vs. calories out.

Today I feel that I over ate. This doesn’t happen often, mostly because I surround myself with good food and it is difficult to overeat on veggies and fruit no matter how hard you try. However, today was a chili kinda day.

One Breakfast Cookie prepared the night before (I make mine a little differently) – 300 calories

After climbing on the treadmill and walking at a 3.5 pace with the sharpest incline my machine can muster I had second breakfast (I usually eat a little before and after working out).

Second Breakfast (I feel like a hobbit calling it that):
½ cup vanilla yogurt – 100
Mixed with fruit and high fiber cereal – 100

Whole wheat flat bread smeared with hummus and topped with spinach, sprouts, and tomato – 200

Now, here is the part of my day in which things went all helter skelter. We made snow cream with milk and sugar. I ate a good portion of this snack and added 300 to my calorie count bringing my total to 1000 for the day.

Dinner continued the confusion and inner drama.

Chili made with 4 cans beans, tomatoes, and 3 lbs. of red meat bliss (I hardly ever eat red meat anymore). Calorie count – I have no freakin’ idea. I topped that heaping bowl with plain yogurt and sliced avocado and went to town. I went back for a second heaping portion, and even returned to eat more straight from the pot later on. After dinner, more snow cream and a calorie killer known as pistachios.

I don’t think I blew my calorie intake for the day, but I do not like it when I cannot easily count the calories in the food I am consuming. I feel out of control. And that chili was like crack cocaine! I only intended to eat 1700 calories for the day because my thirty minute treadmill workout was not as active as my usual weekday exercise routine.

See why I need a blog? Even if I am just talking to myself, I need to sort these things out.

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